2010-10-23 00:21:25 +0900


ここはAPIをちゃんと用意していて、WordPressやMovableTypeをはじめとしたソフトウェアや外部サービスとの繋ぎこみも積極的にやってる、わりとわかってるところだと思う。そんなMailChimpのブログに書かれたEwww, You Use PHP?というエントリが盛り上がっていたので読んでみた。

Lately here at MailChimp we’ve been trying to bring in more developers to help us keep the innovation coming fast and furious as the application grows in scope and scale. It’s always been difficult for us to hire really good developers, just because of where we are. Our office is here in Atlanta GA, not exactly a hotbed of cool startups in the last few years. On top of that we’re fundamentally an email company, which is far from a sexy problem for geeks to sink their teeth into. But the biggest negative reaction we get when hiring new developers is when we mention the programming language we use.

Ewww, you use PHP? I though you were cool!


PHP is considered by the programming elite, almost without exception, as one of the worst languages currently in use today. The term “good PHP programmer” is considered an oxymoron.


We’ve built a framework for developing applications in PHP specifically designed to allow for fast innovation the high-load, high-performance environment we live in every day while still keeping the API extremely simple to deal with. This isn’t your grandfather’s PHP, or even your slightly older brother’s. I can say without doubt that it is the most sophisticated framework for this environment that I’ve heard of except for perhaps what Facebook uses. Our architecture is heavily sharded, fast, and scalable to handle the absurd amount of growth we’ve had in the last few years.


So before you jump on that bandwagon thinking nothing interesting could possibly be done with PHP, think of us (or Facebook). You might be missing out on something great.